Help Us Restore the Second Amendment!

November 14, 2019

The Democrats in Tallahassee are fighting tooth and nail to destroy the Second Amendment, but they aren’t the only group you and I are up against.

Republican leadership in the Senate is prepared to compromise once again and give ground on our right to keep and bear arms.

But we will stop them by going on offense!

Florida Gun Rights is mobilizing the biggest grassroots army this state has seen to fight back against the gun grabbers.

That’s why I’m counting on you to join the offensive by signing your Constitutional Carry petition today!

For years, Floridians have watched as state after state introduced and passed Constitutional Carry.

Fifteen states — including liberal Northeastern states like Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire — recognize this important right.

Meanwhile, our Republican-controlled state is going the way of California and New York, restricting gun rights at every turn.


Have you ever heard the phrase that sometimes the best defense is a good offense?

We are taking the fight directly to the anti-gun politicians but we need your help to succeed.

The first part of our plan is already complete.

Your Florida Gun Rights is working with the few pro-gun lawmakers in Tallahassee to fight for pro-gun Constitutional Carry.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini filed the first ever Constitutional Carry bill in Florida, HB 273, and Reps. Mike Hill and Stan McClain have already joined the fight as cosponsors.

We are now working to get as many lawmakers publicly supporting this legislation as possible.

Then, the next step is to secure a public roll call vote so that every pro-gun Floridian knows where their politicians stand on the Second Amendment.

But we can’t do this without you, Robert.

The 2020 legislative session starts on January 14th — a little over two months away — so we must act now!

Please join our fight today by signing your Constitutional Carry Petition!

Your signed petition will put lawmakers on notice that we won’t tolerate infringements on our rights anymore.

Slowly but surely, we are changing the anti-gun culture in Tallahassee.

Our members are the best pro-gun activists in the state and won’t give up until the right to keep and bear arms is fully restored.

And it all starts with Constitutional Carry.

This monumental pro-gun reform would restore the right of every law-abiding Floridian to carry a pistol, openly or concealed, to protect themselves and their families.

If you are legally allowed to possess a handgun, you should be able to carry it to protect yourself and your loved ones without jumping through a bunch of government hoops.

That’s why we are pushing for Constitutional Carry on top of our other critical programs.

As you can see, our work is cut out for us this year, and we need your help to ensure we get our Second Amendment rights back.

I hope you understand that in order to succeed in these fights, we will need to organize every pro-gun patriot in our state.

This is not an easy — or cheap — thing to do.

And I don’t have the deep pockets of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.

Our programs to stop these assaults and take back our rights depend entirely on the support of good people like you.

If you can, please consider a generous contribution of $100 to help us with this important fight.

But if $100 just isn’t possible for you right now, please agree to $50 or at least $30.

Robert, you and I can ensure the future of the Second Amendment for generations to come.

We can’t let up the pressure now.

So please sign your Constitutional Carry petition and agree to a generous contribution of $100, $50, or at least $30 TODAY!

For Freedom,

DJ Parten

D.J. Parten
Executive Director
Florida Gun Rights

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