Republicans in Tallahassee just RAMMED one of Bloomberg’s largest gun control projects through both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

Shamelessly exploiting the pain and suffering of the victims in Parkland, the anti-gun cabal in Tallahassee and across the country pushed full speed ahead with the very gun control that helps cause school shootings in the first place.

Led by supposedly “pro-gun” Republicans like Governor Rick Scott, the anti-gunners were able to strip away the right to keep and bear arms from millions of law-abiding Floridians.

And the only solution is to regroup and gain back our Second Amendment rights by lobbying our elected officials during the election season.

That’s why Florida Gun Rights is launching an all-out campaign to Double the Troops before the Primary elections in August by raising $250,000.

We must start preparing now to take back the ground we lost and go on the offensive for our rights!

I’m depending on you to be a part of it by agreeing to your most generous contribution of $100.

Together we can send a bold message to every elected official in Florida that we aren’t going to let this attack on our rights go by the wayside, and they WILL be held accountable for their anti-gun actions.

Shortly after the horrendous events in Parkland, Governor Scott, aka Gov. Gun Control, said “everything is on the table” when it comes to gun control and then called on the Legislature to pass the most restrictive gun control policies in the state’s history…

… And Senate President Joe Negron, Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran, and their lackeys did just that.

As Politico reported, Corcoran even used political arm-twisting to coerce lawmakers into voting for this anti-freedom bill by withholding funds from the districts of members who voted NO on this legislation.

To make matters worse, Sen. Bill Galvano and Rep. Jose Oliva — two key players in the success of this gun control package — will be next year’s legislative leadership, meaning that we could be facing even more Republican-backed gun control next year!

Thanks to gun rights activists like you, these anti-gun Republicans didn’t get everything on their wish list, but that means they will be coming back for more.

SB 7026, which was passed with 67 Republicans — who have received “A” ratings by the institutional gun lobby – is leading the charge by:

  • Disarming adults under the age of 21, leaving them defenseless.
  • Imposing mandatory government waiting periods on ALL firearms purchases.
  • Banning certain firearm accessories, making felons out of people who own a simple piece of plastic.
  • Implementing a “mental health” gun ban which could strip up to 3.5 million law-abiding Floridians of their rights WITHOUT due process.
  • Creating Gun Confiscation Orders, which can be used to strip people of their rights without due process.

This is just the first step on a short road to their ultimate goal — outright confiscation.

And with Republicans like Governor Gun Control trying to out gun grab Bill Nelson to make him appear more “reasonable,” I’m going to need support from Second Amendment activists like you if we’re going to be successful in REPEALING these unconstitutional laws.

With an election fast approaching, the gun control lobby is going to reach for every last crumb, especially those in the Republican Party who did Bloomberg’s dirty work.

And I’m afraid Bloomberg is doubling down, pledging to spend $25-$50 million this election year to support anti-gun candidates in both parties.

If you and I are going to stand up to him — and start the work of REPEALING these gun control laws — we can’t take anything for granted.

The only way to defeat Bloomberg’s minions — Governor Gun Control and legislative leadership — and their millions is with people power.

That’s why this DOUBLE THE TROOPS push is so critical.

You see, FLGR needs to identify another 200,000 pro-Second Amendment Floridians all over our state to lobby their elected officials for the Second Amendment.

And there is no better time to lobby candidates and elected officials than at election time when they want your support.

My hope is to begin contacting more pro-gun Floridians via mail and email — letting them know how their elected officials voted on their rights — so I can mobilize them to join this fight.

But our detailed grassroots accountability program could cost up to $250,000.

The truth is, I already have every dollar earmarked for critical election year programs. And I don’t want to take a single dollar away from those critical efforts.

You see, as August approaches, I’m planning to ramp up ALL of our plans to EXPOSE the gun grabbers — including running hard-hitting internet, radio, and TV ads — if we can raise the resources.

But I know reaching out to those additional pro-Second Amendment Floridians could prove to be the difference — especially with Bloomberg launching his all-out offensive.

My goal is to raise the $250,000 it will take to reach out and begin mobilizing these additional 200,000 pro-gun Floridians in the next 30 days.

But I can’t do it without you.

So won’t you please agree to your most generous gift of $100 right away?

I know that’s more than you’ve given in the past.

But Bloomberg and gun-grabbing Republicans are determined to turn Florida into another anti-gun sanctuary like California or New York.

Rick Scott, Bill Galvano, and Jose Oliva are determined to send the message that gun control is the wave of the future across our country, and Florida is where it begins.

You and I must take action and FIGHT BACK now.

But if $100 is just too much, please agree to $50 or at least $35 right away.

So please help me DOUBLE THE TROOPS and get every pro-gun Floridian into the fight TODAY!

For Freedom,

D.J. Parten
Director of Legislation
Florida Gun Rights

P.S. Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is ELATED that Florida Republicans like Governor Rick Scott, incoming Senate President Bill Galvano, and incoming Speaker of the House Jose Oliva RAMMED gun control down our throats this legislative session.

Now he has his sights set on our elections to make sure he can continue pushing his radical agenda!

That’s why Florida Gun Rights is conducting an all-out Double the Troops campaign over the next 30 days, and I’m counting on you to be a part of it.

We need to raise $250,000 in the next 30 days to begin reaching and mobilizing at least 200,000 more pro-gun Floridians to explain exactly what is at stake.

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