Senator Lee Joins the Anti-Gun Chorus

September 30, 2019

State Senator Tom Lee is the latest Republican in Tallahassee to call for gun control after being appointed by Bill Galvano to find the “sweet spot” on gun control.

Lee, who heads up the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee, is in a prime position to push yet another gun control expansion in our state.

In fact, Lee recently asked his committee if anyone thought we had enough gun control laws in Florida and not a single Republican stood up to say WE HAVE TOO MANY!

We must make it clear to Tom Lee that pro-gun Floridians OPPOSE ALL gun control.

So please click here to email Senator Tom Lee today and demand he reverse course and start supporting the Second Amendment.

If you would like to send your own email, use the language below to guide your comments:

Dear Senator Lee,

As a pro-gun Floridian, I am deeply troubled by your recent statements supporting gun control. Florida needs less gun control, not more.

Instead of trying to restrict our rights, you should support repealing Florida’s “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation law and passing Constitutional Carry.

So I urge you, as a self-proclaimed “pro-gun” Republican to reverse course and stand up for the Second Amendment.

Florida Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions.

[Your Name]

Just last year, I sat in Sen. Lee’s office discussing how we could repeal Florida’s “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation law, a law he originally voted against.

Now, Sen. Lee has joined Bill Galvano’s crusade for gun control.

Friday’s headline in the Tallahassee Democrat was “Sen. Tom Lee in search for a ‘sweet spot’ in new Florida gun control regulations.”

Lee, who has an “A” rating from the NRA, has abandoned his base and is now working with the gun grabbers to strip Floridians of even more of our rights.

After telling reporters several weeks ago that “nothing’s off the table” when it comes to gun control, Lee is now backing Universal Gun Registration.

Some other legislation that has already been proposed includes:

  • Expanding Florida’s “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation law to allow almost ANYONE to report you, similar to California’s due process-shredding gun confiscation law
  • Repealing state preemption to allow local governments to enact a web of varying gun control laws designed to entangle gun owners in legal battles for their rights
  • Forcing gun owners to undergo a mental health evaluation before being allowed to exercise their God-given rights

With so much at stake, Tom Lee must stop supporting gun control and return to defending the Second Amendment!

So please click here to email Sen. Lee demanding he reverse course and stand up for the Second Amendment.

Lee has chosen an interesting ally in his fight for more gun control.

Bill Galvano, the President of the Senate, was the chief author of the 2018 gun control package.

And after ramming gun control down our throats, Galvano accepted half a million dollars from Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety during the 2018 elections.

Galvano sold our rights for half a million dollars. What is Tom Lee getting for compromising our rights away?

Please click here to send Tom Lee an email demanding he reverse course and start defending the Second Amendment.

The only way we will stop another onslaught of gun control in Florida is for pro-gun Floridians to overwhelm politicians with their opposition.

So please help mobilize even more pro-gun Floridians for this fight by chipping in $30 or $15 today.

100% of your contribution will go toward defending and advancing the Second Amendment in the Sunshine State.

Thank you in advance.

For Freedom,

DJ Parten

D.J. Parten
Executive Director
Florida Gun Rights

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